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Table of Contents:

By His Wounds, You Were Healed: The Prince of Sin, Harrell

Buried With Him Through Immersion Into Death: Death To Sin, Hamilton

Impossible For Him to be Held By Its Power: Victory Over Sin, Bowman

By The Grace of God, He Might Taste Death for Everyone: The Grace of God, Berkeley

He Did Not Regard Equality With God A Thing To Be Grasped: The Humility of God, McClister

He Mae A Public Display Of Them, Triumphing Over Them By The Cross: The Power of God, Halloway

I Will Vindicate The Holiness of My Great Name: The Holiness of God, Bean

Christ, Our Passover Has Also Been Sacrificed; The Passover, Harshbarger

The Offering of the Body of Jesus Christ Once And For All: The Sacrificial System, Craig

Many of The Afflictions of The Righteous: The Righteous Sufferer, Liggin

The New Covenant in My Blood: The Covenant, Creel

He Himself is the Propitiation for Our Sins: The Propitiation, Walton

He Has Now Reconciled You in His Fleshly Body Through Death: Our Reconciliation, Farish

Who Gave Himself As A Ransom For All? Our Ransom, Yeater

The Justifier of The One Who Has Faith in Jesus: Our Justification, Williams



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Bible, Passion, Suffering, Obedience, Gethsemane

2012: Of First Importance: He Died and Was Buried