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Table of Contents:

Historical Development of Religious Papers. Tant

Historical Development of Benevolence Societies, Cope

Historical Development of Educational Institutions, Turner

Historical Development of Congregational Cooperation, Willis

Historical Development of Social Emphasis, Lee

Difficult Passages, Douthitt

Modern Gods- Defying Human Reason, Hamilton

Modern Gods- Defying The State, Payne

Modern Gods- Defying The World, Garrett

Modern Gods- Defying Philanthropy, Srygley

Book of Revelation, Hailey

Recent Advances in Science and Their Relationship with the Bible, Davis

Pre-Historic Man and Adam, West

Evolution and Creation, West

Current Issues in the Science Based Dialogue, West

The Shepherd and the Lost Sheep, Maples

An Elder Brother, Swatzell

A Prodigal Son, Warnock

Role and Relationship of Human Expedients to Work and Worship, Spears, Gowen, Britnell, and Patton

Problem of Fellowship and Unity, Needham, Trimble, Brock, and Lewis

The Woman Who Lost Her Money, Payne

Right of Christians to Operate Schools, Papers, and Orphanages, Diestelkamp, Hudgins, Adams, and Rutherford

Personal Responsibility in the Lord's Work, Himmel

Role and Responsibility of Elders, Crawley, Caldwell, Whitehead, Sloan

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Development, Modern, Revelation, Evolution, Creation


Biblical Studies | Religion

1962: Ancient Faith and Modern Gods